Learning Analytics Cluster

Starting in 2020, the Learning Analytics Cluster currently comprises two projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research:

  1. "Learning Analytics – Students in Focus"
    • Lead: Graz University of Technology
    • Project partners: University of Vienna and University of Graz
  2. "PASSt – Predictive Analytics Services for Study Success Management"
    • Lead: Vienna University of Technology
    • Project partners: University of Linz, Vienna University of Economics and Business 

The goal of both projects is to generate statements about studying processes at universities through appropriate data aggregation and analysis and thus to further optimize learning behaviour on the one hand and university operations on the other. What both projects have in common is that they access a similar database and then analyse it in different contexts.

Both projects have synergies above all in the fact that a sensitive, data protection-compliant and ethically clean handling of this data is imperative. In the medium to long term, the aim is also to standardize the data and make the analysis procedures transparent so that the results can be traced.

The Learning Analytics Cluster sees itself primarily as an exchange platform between the projects, but also with other Austrian universities, in order to be able to transfer the project findings and results appropriately within the Austrian university landscape.


In the Learning Analytics Cluster, two projects are collaborating: 

  • Learning Analytics - Students in Focus 
  • PASSt - Predictive Analytics Services for Student Success Management

Learning Analytics Project-Team: