Learning Analytics - Students in Focus

Students generate a large amount of different data that is available to universities. This data will be processed within the framework of the project in such a way that it can be fed back directly to students. The tools developed can help students optimize their learning behavior and thus better manage their studies. This way, accessibility to study is increased and the university is perceived more strongly as a supportive place of learning. The focus is on evidence-based learning support and intervention, enabling learning content and pathways to be adapted to students' needs, complemented by individual support and feedback for all student groups in different teaching settings.


The project provides the first holistic and comprehensive view of the topic of Learning Analytics at Austrian universities and makes an important contribution to the development of functioning Learning Analytics methods in the university context. The development of appropriate tools in an interdisciplinary team ensures the innovation potential of the project results.

The uniqueness of the project results primarily from the fact that the students themselves are at the center and benefit directly from the results.


Learning Analytics Project-Team: